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PowerPoint Karaoke in English

KAPOPO – No.1 platform for PowerPoint Karaoke

Discover the hidden presenter in you with PowerPoint Karaoke
(also known as PowerPoint Night), the perfect mix of entertainment and unplanned moments! Experience KAPOPO, the leading platform for unforgettable PowerPoint karaoke moments.

What is PowerPoint Karaoke?

PowerPoint Karaoke is an exciting game. You present slides that you have never seen before. Each slide is a new challenge that requires spontaneity and flexibility. The focus is not on the content of the slides, but on your own humorous presentation. Imagine this: crazy topics, surprises and lots of fun as you try to prove yourself an expert on the topic. It’s the ultimate mix of fun, community experience and boosting your rhetorical skills and creativity.


KAPOPO is your access to a huge selection of presentations designed for PowerPoint karaoke enthusiasts. The platform offers you presentations for direct selection, as well as random selection. To increase the fun factor even further, various add-ons are available to make the game even more interesting! Whether you are a seasoned pro or a novice, our platform offers you a diverse selection of presentations for maximum fun. With content in both English and German, KAPOPO ensures that everyone can laugh along, no matter which language they prefer.

KAPOPO works as simply as this


Open KAPOPO in the browser on your smartboard, PC, laptop or mobile device.

Set filter

Make a preselection: Filter all presentations according to your criteria.

Select game mode

Select one or more game modes for even more fun and thrills.


Get ready for presentations in German or English selected by the random generator.

What is KAPOPO – PowerPoint Karaoke suitable for?

Kapopo is ideal for improving the atmosphere in school lessons or seminars. It is also a great party game for a fun evening with friends, family or colleagues, e.g. at Christmas parties or company parties. It also helps with learning and speaking German and English as foreign languages.

How to play PowerPoint Karaoke with KAPOPO?

  1. Gather your friends and let PowerPoint karaoke night begin!
  2. Visit and explore our collection of free presentations or get full access with KAPOPO Premium
  3. Login and choose your preferred language – German or English.
  4. Select a topic that piques your interest or a random presentation
  5. Optional: for more fun and challenge, activate one of our special add-ons
  6. Start your presentation – you are the assumed expert
  7. Have fun!