What is KAPOPO?

KAPOPO is a website that offers presentations based on random selection for Powerpoint-Karaoke.

Different addons make the game even more interesting and increase the fun factor!

KAPOPOs intensions

1. Providing presentations for evenings of nonsense, free interpretation, irony and wit.

2. Improvement of rhetorical skills and Promotion of creativity.

3. Target group: current Powerpoint-Karaoke players and those who want to become one.

Your task at KAPOPO!

1. Be as creative as possible when giving presentations.

2. It's not about the content - it's about presenting the slides in your own funny way.

3. Have fun in with your friends, family, classmates or colleagues.

Addons for KAPOPO

To increase the fun factor, there are several game variations: "Random words", "Taboo words", "pantomime", "spontaneous, if I were you..."

We are also looking forward to your ideas.

Just give it a try!


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