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From time to time we will upload new presentations. The new ones will be integrated into our existing pool of presentations below

Have Fun!

If you are ready to play Powerpoint-Karaoke then let's get started now and click the Let`s Play - Button! A random presentation is selected from our pool of presentations and will start immediately.

Thanks to @spektakulehrer, who supported us
with the translation of the English versions of our presentations.

Important Shortcuts

Fullscreen-Mode:  F11

Next Slide: Enter, Spacebar, left Mouse, right Arrow Key

Previous Slide: left Arrow Key, Backspace

Use the following two words in your presentation:

The following two words are taboo in your presentation

The game variant "pantomime" presents a special challenge. Here, the presenter must pantomime the next slide. You, the audience, can decide when this should happen.

Clicking on the image will generate a random task that the presenter must include in the presentation. The best way to do this is to use your smartphone.


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