Is KAPOPO still being developed?

YES! We would like to further develop KAPOPO with new presentations, game modes, filters and other features.

Are there any new presentations planned?
YES! At the moment there are 14 new presentations to play PowerPoint Karaoke. Our goal is to keep uploading new templates at regular intervals. After some time the presentations will be replaced by new ones and integrated into our existing pool of presentations.
Can I play KAPOPO without the Internet?

Basically, to play KAPOPO you must have an internet connection. However, you can also preload presentations with an existing Internet connection and then play them at any time. Therefore it is important that you dont close your browser. If you are not sure, you are welcome to contact us we will help you!

Do I still need the flash player to start the presentations?

No! Since we have converted all presentations to HTML5, you can play KAPOPO on all devices.

Can I play KAPOPO without random selection?

Yes and No. The random generator of Powerpoint karaoke presentations is and will remain a central part of this website. With the new feature "preselection".

(since 02/21) you have the possibility to choose the presentations beforehand. The random order remains - unless you select only one presentation.


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